From Brainwave Reading Video Games to Smartphone Laser Tag

 - Nov 6, 2013
These examples of innovative gaming experiences show the future of gaming. As technology becomes smaller, lighter and wearable, gamers are able to put themselves more and more directly into the games. 'LA Noir' is a video game that is an incredible example of how MotionScan, a motion capture technology can be used to create unbelievable life-like movements and capture minute changes on the faces of actors, which can then be input into video games.

Gameplay is also being improved with new ways to interact with mobile devices. Although there are thousands of gaming apps available, tablets and phones are not the best platform for extended gaming. Button-like stickers and controller-like attachments help to make serious gameplay more comfortable.

Another incredible example of an innovative gaming experience is 'INDA,' a tablet-based game that introduces "spatial story telling," in an immersive 360 degree environment.