The DIY Beady-i Lets You Build Your Own Imitation Google Glass for Cheap

 - Mar 21, 2013
References: instructables & bitrebels
With the anticipation of the release of Google Glass reaching a fever pitch, it's nice to know that there are DIY smart glasses out there for those who want to wear a computer on their face without giving $1,500 to Google for the privilege.

Instead, this DIY option comes with full instructions from XenonJohn at, and will only cost around $300 and some elbow grease. This isn't a project that you'll be able to complete in a single afternoon, unless you really know what you're doing when it comes to things like hacking, cutting and reattaching wiring and soldering.

These Frankenstein-like smart glasses are essentially made up of components from gaming and virtual reality helmets. XenonJohn gave the smart glasses their Internet and computing power by wiring the spectacles to an iPhone.