HabitRPG is a Habit Tracker That Treats Your Life Like a Video Game

 - Mar 9, 2013
References: habitrpg & kickstarter
Tyler Renelle, a self-declared geek with an ironic ability to incorporate his gaming habit into an efficiency commodity, is the creator of HabitRPG.

He cracked the code for effective habit tracking and included a single element to his application that many renowned life-hacking solutions critically lack: a motivation twist. Renelle realized that regardless of how intuitive habit trackers are designed, they do not work for long duration because they lack the necessary reward and competition system that humans need in order to build habits.

Optimizing the undeniable ability of video-games for doing exactly this, HabitRPG is designed to treat it's users' lives like a role playing game. Users gain and lose points once with every action they input into the system and compete with selected friends in their pursuit of efficient living.