The Sega Dreamcast Delta is Controlled Via Smartphone and Tablet

Gamers with a soft spot for Sonic are going to love the Sega Dreamcast Delta. This conceptual game system was created by Chicago-based designer Elie Ahovi. The system is designed to revive Sega's now-defunct home gaming system. For those who aren't avid gamers, the last time Sega released a system was the Dreamcast in the late 90s. The Dreamcast was initially well-received, but its popularity dropped when the PlayStation 2 was released.

The Dreamcast Delta is intriguing due to the fact that it ships without a controller. Ahovi envisions the Delta being controlled via smartphone or tablet. The system is also backwards compatible with old Dreamcast games and new games are bought and downloaded online. Removing the controller should save Sega cash, although forcing gamers to play with smartphones and tablets could backfire, especially since these devices are limited at best when it comes to more complex games.