These Computer Commanding Bracelets are from Thalmic Labs

 - Mar 2, 2013
References: designboom
These wearable computers from Thalmic Labs allow the user to swipe and control computers with a single swipe of your arm. The 'MYO' bracelets, created by Thalmic Labs, can measure the nerve and muscle movements of the user to perform computer tasks instantly.

The futuristic bracelet creates an instantaneous way to interact with computers in your office or home environment. The device can be used to edit video games, phones and many other digital products. The MYO has been created as a one size fits all shape to fit every arm. The bracelet uses bluetooth 4.0 technology to allow you to effortlessly interact with multiple devices.

The MYO is the latest in wearable computer technology that fuses human and computer based functions together. It's exciting to see where this new design will lead us.

Photo Credits: designboom