This Hands Free Prototype Feeds a Gamer While They Keep Playing

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: mattessons & bitrebels
Gamers are people too, and like most people, they need food to survive -- after all, a hungry gamer isn't an efficient gamer.

Fortunately for hungry gamers everywhere and unfortunately, for people who like to use their hands while eating, YouTube channel TheSyndicateProject has teamed up with British food maker Mattesons to make the ultimate gaming helmet known as the MMM3000. The helmet includes a feeding tube that drops snacks directly into a hungry gamer's mouth, as well as headphones and a microphone for online gameplay.

Seriously, I don't know too many hungry gamers who would ever consider wearing such a thing, but considering it was made as a promotional prototype for Mattesons' Fridge Raiders snacks, I can get on board. Over 15,000 crowdsourced designs were considered before this design was decided upon. Even Tom Syndicate in the YouTube video acknowledges how ridiculous the helmet is -- ridiculously awesome, that is.