- Feb 11, 2015
Virtual reality headsets and fitness tracking wristbands are products to get excited about, but the trick is discovering the affordable wearable tech amidst rather new sorts of advanced electronic devices. Costs inevitably start out quite high when a cutting-edge gadget makes it to the market, but an astute company, team or individual will typically come up with a more inexpensive alternative soon after.

In order to make things like video-enabled headgear and health-monitoring watches more accessible, one of the most common solutions is to integrate them with robust smartphone apps. Devices like the wonderfully cheap Google Cardboard binoculars rely on the power of the handset; meanwhile, smartwatches require fewer features if they can send the bulk of their data to a mobile. The use of less costly materials is naturally very common, with 3D printing technology introducing great potential for economy in manufacturing headphones and the like. If you're eager for the hottest new products, these examples of affordable wearable tech are the most competitive you'll find.

From Cheap Camera Drones to Inexpensive Augmented Reality: