The Zuzance Hoodie Can Control Your Devices

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: kickstarter & nfcworld
The Zuzance hoodie is still a Kickstarker campaign but aims to make affordable wearable technology.

The hoodies contain four Broadcom Topaz NFC tags sewn in the lining of the fabric. The tags can be programmed to control actions like launching an app or turning off WiFi. The phone can read through the fabric. The actions can be customized based on the wearer’s needs. 

Currently the hoodies are selling for $50 each but the company would ideally like the price to be lowered so the product can be attainable for more people. This product is ideal for multitaskers who use their phone while doing other things. Apps can be launched by simply tapping your phone to your sleeve instead of actually going through it on your phone, which keeps your fumbling to a minimum.