- Feb 18, 2015
These examples of innovative eye care solutions examine apps and other devices that are designed to help the visually impaired as well as improve eyesight and vision in general. While some gadgets are included, this collection of ideas illustrates eye care solutions go far beyond just wearing glasses.

Many mobile apps exist that are designed with a diagnostic purpose, as evidenced by Ugandan eye care apps, eye-scanning apps and mobile eye examinations. These have provided especially useful in rural and developing communities where access to health care is limited. For those who are blind or have significant vision loss, there are several options, including location-mapping virtual games, visually impaired-aiding reading rings, beacon navigation technology, high-tech braille handsets and even blindness-curing devices. Other vision-enhancing innovations include vision training video games and vision improvement apps.

From Mobile Eye Examinations to Hi-Tech Vision-Correcting Gadgets: