Be My Eyes is a Crowdsourced Video Chat that Helps Blind Individuals

 - Jan 19, 2015
References: & fastcompany
The Be My Eyes app is a great tool for visual impaired individuals as well as those who believe they can help make a difference in their lives. It is a crowdsourced video chat service that allows users to actually share their eyes with a blind person. Similar to Apple's Facetime feature, Be My Eyes connects someone visually impaired with someone with sight who is willing to help out.

Invented by Hans Jørgen Wiberg, the Be My Eyes app may seem like it's not as helpful as some may want others to believe, yet that is not the case at all. Cofounder Thelle Kristensen says, "From what we find, a clear majority of blind smartphone users are on iPhone—in Europe almost exclusively. IOS has had accessibility functions for the blind since iOS 3 that came with iPhone 3GS in 2009 and has since gotten continuously better."