The Bluelight Filter App Helps Mobile Users to Avoid Eye Strain

 - Feb 4, 2015
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If your mobile device has ever been the cause of some serious eye strain, Google Play's Bluelight Filter App aims to change that. The app recognizes the impact of blue light on one's vision and balances screen resolution so that users' eyes are not strained.

Blue light is often the cause of insomnia and keeps one up after they check their phone. Since many of us check our mobile devices before going to sleep, this is especially troubling but the Bluelight Filter App is an easy solution to this common problem.

The app adjusts the coloring of one's mobile screen in order to reduce the amount of blue light one sees. When reduced, one's screen will lead to less eye strain. The device will also make falling asleep easier for users who are prone to check emails and social media platforms before hitting the hay.