From Multi-Lingual Teaching Apps to Brain-Training Glasses

 - Nov 20, 2015
As more and more boomers near the age of retirement, a number of companies have begun producing educational tech products and adult teaching apps for aging consumers. These products are largely designed for older consumers who are looking for new ways to maintain their cognitive abilities as they age.

Although not all boomers are comfortable with new technology, many have embraced smartphones and tablets. This means that apps are an easy way to reach boomers who are already familiar with mobile technology. For example, there are multi-lingual teaching apps that help consumers learn a new language on the go. There are also brain-boosting quiz apps that give consumers a simple way to keep their mind sharp.

Beyond mobile applications, there are a number of other educational tech products aimed a boomers. Some of these products are designed for boomers who want to fight normal signs of aging such as memory loss and vision loss. These products include memory-retaining wristbands that help consumers improve their cognitive function and assistive eyewear that provides context-appropriate assistance for those with poor vision.