The Wearable Headset Dims Your Computer Screen When You Run Out of Steam

This wearable headset is one part of Kathryn McElroy's Masters Thesis on using technology to refocus people. The idea is that technology more than ever serves to distract us. McElroy aimed to use her line of wearables to refocus our energy and use technology as a solution to the problem it's causing.

The wearable headset is just one piece of the puzzle addressing the unenergized desk-sitting population. Called Cortex, the headband functions as an EEG reader and knows when your brain is losing focus. When this happens it will dim your computer screen in response. To reactivate your electronics, you need to increase your brain's electric activity.

Cortex is only a concept today, as most affordable EEG readers only have one sensor which isn't sensitive enough to track the kind of activity necessary to make this work.