The NEO Neurophone Induces Calm Brain Waves Through the Skin

 - Mar 10, 2015
References: indiegogo & prnewswire
The NEO Neurophone is a piece of wearable technology that brings ultrasonic brain stimulation to the masses. It specifically transmits ultrasonic waves to induce calming brain wave states. The NEO Neurophone takes on the form of a headset, which taps into an ancient unused hearing organ called the saccule, which happens to be a key organ in a dolphin's ability to use ultrasonic sound for communication and navigation.

Created by G Patrick Flanagan, the NEO Neurophone was a huge success on Indiegogo. It's clear that people see the benefit of technology that will do more than simply calm the brain. Wearers will hear music through the skin as well as gain focus in any endeavor at hand.