The Muse EEG Brain Trainer Helps You Stay Focused

 - Mar 13, 2015
References: choosemuse & gizmag
The latest and most updated version of the Muse EEG brain trainer, which originally made its crowdfunding debut back in 2012, was recently on display at the Wearable Technology Show.

The Muse EEG brain trainer is designed to help wearers train their brains in order to become less distracted and more focused. The device itself is a flexible, slim headband embedded with seven sensors that rest against the wearer's head. The location of the sensors allows the Muse to track the electrical field created by the user's brain, which can be used to draw conclusions about their state of mind.

In the modern day and age, humans have become absolutely obsessed with productivity. With advances in technology like the Muse EEG brain trainer, it appears that humans are on their way to achieving ridiculous levels of focus whilst minimizing distraction.