This Blindness Prevention Mobile App was Developed Specifically for Uganda

 - Oct 10, 2014
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In an effort to help Ugandans who do not have access to healthcare or eye exams, Moses Rurangwa developed a blindness prevention app. Rurangwa, himself a Uganda native, witnessed multiple accounts of preventable blindness due to a bacterial infection called trachoma. Along with two of his Makerere University peers, the computer science student developed a mobile application to diagnose trachoma.

E-liiso is a blindness prevention app that provides an e-health solution catered specifically to Ugandans as many do not have access to an eye doctor but do have cell phones. E-liiso analyzes and compares pictures of eyes to check for color, near and farsightedness, cataracts and other conditions. The app enables photos to be sent to doctors far away so they can make an official diagnosis, recommend treatment or track progress.