The EyeMusic App Converts Color into Sound for the Blind

 - Mar 15, 2014
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The EyeMusic app is a very specific and useful app for use by the blind. The app converts color to sound allowing for people with limited sight the ability to travel around without worries. The app works on both the iPhone and the Android OS and will feature many different aspects to help the blind outside of the color conversion aspect.

EyeMusic uses a system called vOICe, which at first sounds garbled and confusing, but when a user learns how to use it, can be very helpful. Brightness is conveyed through volume and different colors are conveyed through different instruments.

The other aspects of the EyeMusic app include a face detector, compass and GPS essentially outfitting the wearer with everything that they may need to travel safely. Blindness can be debilitating, but with EyeMusic, there's help on the way.