- Jan 11, 2015
These 2014 market trends showcase the changes that occurred in the past year in the marketplace as well as the structure of various markets within different industries.

This includes a large number of infographics on the job market including computerizable job stats, 2020 workplace infographics and millennial work habit infographics. The information presented in these charts not only reflects a concern people have about employment given rampant unemployment and underemployment among recent graduates. The data is also relevant to those well-established in the workforce about the future.

The way marketplaces function are also changing. The 2014 market trends indicate people are increasingly interested in lending and sharing platforms in a range of industries, such as shared washer subscriptions and construction equipment shares.

For a more in-depth analysis, Trend Hunter's market trend report will help companies seeking to learn more about the world market and market segmentation strategies.

From Localized Social Media Marketplaces to Extinct Career Charts: