The New ebay Will Give Shoppers a Better Online Experience

 - Mar 19, 2014
References: theguardian
eBay recognizes that shoppers want to purchase their products quickly and easily and avoid the fuss and avoid the vexation of shopping malls and the new eBay was designed to better benefit shoppers.

eBay reviewed previous transaction histories to understand what is important to buyers and what inclines them to make their purchase decisions. Furthermore, eBay also focused on how to make shoppers return to its site, and the changes it will need to incorporate in order to make that happen. The new platform puts the customer's needs first, with a personalized homepage, easy-to-scan search results, an at-a-glance item page, two-click checkout and more selling power in one's eBay profile.

The new eBay will give buyers a better experience every time they visit the site; eBay is changing the precedent of online shopping and creating competition with its competitors to ensure that customers will continue to feel loyal and ultimately enjoy its in-home shopping experience.