From Indie Podcast Collectives to Investment Opportunity Tools

 - Oct 31, 2014
The number of new ventures in recent years has exploded, so there are no shortage of innovative start-up businesses. When we think of this culture, many people consider Silicon Valley and the tech industry. With the introduction of popular crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo investors are more accessible to budding entrepreneurs. Methods like social media also make consumer interaction and insight easier to come by.

Many of these innovative start-up businesses are crowdsourced in some way, such as the teams behind dignity-preserving dresses, transcribing conversation apps and inviting umbrella lights. Others are the result of accelerators, including informative corruption apps, free internet redistributers and phone-focused education. From display-changing wristwatches to urban thicket-growing services, start-ups all over the world are making their mark.