Onpublico Turns Citizens with Smartphones into Photojournalists

 - Mar 4, 2014
References: onpublico
Onpublico is a crowdsourced news site that turns anyone with a smartphone into a reporter. The San Francisco-based startup differs from other citizen journalism websites in that its stories are entirely driven by visuals. Pictures and videos taken from the phones of users tell the story, with captions limited to 130 characters. The idea is that the captions and related tags give you the gist of what's going on without influencing your opinion on the news uploaded.

Since Onpublico is crowdsourced the news uploaded varies widely. The site's motto is "all news matters" and each user gets to decide the newsworthiness of a story. Uploaded stories are mapped, letting you see what's going on in the city without having to search through neighborhood tags or categories. Onpublico is currently in beta, so you'll have to request to use the site.