The Hotsauce App Spices Up Your Dining Experience

 - May 29, 2014
Ever gone to a steakhouse and had to send back the waitress twice (or thrice!) out of indecisiveness, because there are far too many delicious options? Ever visit a restaurant in the depths of Chinatown, and stared at the menu in sheer confusion? Fret not, there’s a new app out there that was built by people like you, for you! Toronto-based startup HotSauce app allows customers to thoroughly enjoy their meals by creating a unique, intelligent algorithm that could make it a potential mainstay in the competitive world of apps.

Like an online content library, the HotSauce app would have all the details one would want to know about their dish, as well as what the next best rated item is. Millions of reviews and over 200,000 restaurants later, the HotSauce app has features that promise to simplify confusion and enhance dining experiences. Say you’re at a Korean restaurant -- you’ll get a push notification of whether you’d like to see the menu, courtesy of HotSauce app’s geolocation features. So you take a look, but you have no idea what yangnyeom tongdak is or looks like -- let alone pronounce it. The HotSauce app pulls out a Wiki definition of the dish and tells you that it’s seasoned fried chicken; as well as how to pronounce it correctly. Since it’s a matter of food -- and good food is determined by individual taste - each rating helps suggest what is most popular, as well as what the consumer may like based on his or her likes/dislikes; formatting ratings on a personalized standard. It’s like Netflix, but for food and restaurants!

If you’re health conscious, the HotSauce app has that covered too. The app claims a new feature is currently being built that caters to individuals that have special dietary needs. Enter in your preferences, and/or allergies (Kosher, Halal, Vegan, Gluten-free, etc.), and the HotSauce app will automatically run through the menu and figure out what is truly best for you.

So next time you have foodie problems, solve ‘em with a touch of HotSauce.