The Fove Head-Mounted Display Contains Eye-Tracking Technology

 - Jul 28, 2014
References: fove-inc & gizmag
The Fove is a futuristic device, developed by a Tokyo-based startup of the same name, that combines a head-mounted display and eye tracking technology.

The Fove uses a number of embedded sensors to track the wearer's head orientation, and packs a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer sensor. The integration of eye-tracking technology is what truly makes the Fove stand out however, as it enables a whole new level of user interaction.

The Fove's eye-tracking capability allows users to control things with their gaze alone. For example, if used in conjunction with a video game, wearers will be able to use their eyes to aim weapons.

The Fove also claims to offer a greater level of visual immersion than other head-mounted displays. For one, it can actually adjust the focus of a scene by determining where the user is looking. This mimics real-world human vision by blurring areas that aren't being looked at directly.