This New Phone Case is Ideal for Runners and Exercise Enthusiasts

 - Oct 22, 2014
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A startup by two college students in Washington DC, OnYou, claims to offer the best mobile accessory for runners and athletes: a magnetic smartphone case and sleeve aimed at runners and gym-goers.

What makes OnYou unique is the fact it’s the only magnetic smartphone case on the market. Unlike other ways to attach your phone (armbands, belts, etc), OnYou doesn’t trap your phone to your arm inside some plastic sleeve. Wearers are able to detach the phone to switch songs, use apps, or check texts, and reattach the phone just as easily while on the go.

The smartphone case is paired with a compression sleeve that aims to replace the traditional Velcro strap. The group claims the sleeve wraps evenly across the arm to eliminate pressure points and prevent the thing from sliding down while you run. The sleeve is made out of Under Armour brand fabric so you can assume it’s lightweight and breathable.

OnYou isn’t just for athletes, though. The case can clip inside a purse so your phone is always handy, or inside of your pants pocket so you never lose a phone in the back seat of a taxi cab. When you’re driving, the phone can clip conveniently to your dashboard, and when you’re at home, you can stick your phone on the fridge and avoid leaving that $700 device on the kitchen counter while making dinner.