The South Korean Flexible 4K OLED TV Launched at CES 2014

 - Jan 13, 2014
References: flatpanelshd & mashable
Two of the world’s electronic giants LG and Samsung unveil revolutionizing flexible 4K OLED TVs at CES 2014. The curvature angle of Samsung’s OLED TV is simply remote controllable, making it possible to curve the TV as desired and even completely flat! These televisions undoubtedly provide the most epic in home entertainment experiences on the market.

The OLED 4K televisions are packed with features such as 3D viewing, 4K resolution, UHD graphic ranking and massive 77-inch to 105-inch displays. Not to mention the ultra slim and sleek design is simply stunning! These bendable TVs will be all the rage soon enough, hitting markets in the second half of 2014.

Also, other notable specs include HDMI 2.0, HEVC decoding and the "Samsung Evolution Kit." Even insider tech sources are buzzing with claims that flexible TVs are the next step in home cinema technology. OLED is the future natural progression from 3D-HD TVs, adding flexibility to the design as well.