The Google Glass App NameTag Reveals Details

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: grahamcluley & newyorker
The latest Google Glass NameTag App offers a face recognition scanner that reveals information about strangers. The app is built by This app confirms that anonymity is a luxury on its way out. The future of technology will reveal personal information about complete strangers, which is intriguing yet horrifying. Where will the mystery go? How will one escape into a sea of passing faces with the hopes of not being recognized?

The Google Glass NameTag App allows individuals to slip on high-tech spectacles, snap a photo of a passersby and instantly open the image in the company’s database to find a match. Accessing data and personal details like name, occupation, Facebook/Twitter profiles will be easy. The app even reveals if the person is a registered sex-offender.

At the moment the app’s expanding network includes about two million entries and three hundred testers. NameTag creator Kevin Alan Tussy claims the app will target celebrities, business people and public figures first and foremost. The Google Glass app NameTag is bound to change the future of public behavior and interaction.