Sightcompass is a Beacon Tool for the Visually Impaired

 - Oct 10, 2014
References: kickstarter
SightCompass uses Beacon technology to make any environment accessible for the visually impaired.

The apparatus operates using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, which send and receive information to help the app user navigate their surroundings. This could be anything from describing a room layout to listing items off of a menu. The app works in conjunction with mobile screen-reading apps, so that all the information can be repeated via audio output.

The app will notify the user when they are in a SightCompass-enabled environment. The beacons will then map out the environment for the user, helping to maneuver them around any obstacles they might encounter. The tool, which is currently looking for funding via Kickstarter campaign, is also helpful for people who experience learning challenges, anxiety afflictions, dyslexia or are hard of hearing.