The 'Eyeborg' Implant is Helping a Color-Blind Artist See in Color

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: eyeborg.wix & dailymail
Color-blind British artist Neil Harbisson had an 'eyeborg' antenna implanted into his skull, enabling him to "hear colors." One end of the device consists of a camera, which captures visual information and sends it to the other end of the device, an audio component implanted in the back of his skull. The device allows him to experience the visual spectrum in the form of vibrations. The audio input part of the device was previously worn outside of his head.

Harbisson was born with achromatopsia, the rarest form of color-blindness in which all vision is in black-and-white. He has been wearing his color-detecting 'eyeborg' for a while, but previously the audio input part of the device was worn outside his head. Since being implanted into his skull, Harbisson has had improved color perception.