The Eye Ring Converts Words into Braille Dots in Real-Time

 - Oct 8, 2013
References: jeongyong & yankodesign
In Korea, only about 0.1 per cent of books have Braille written into them, according to designer Yong Jeong, limiting those who are visually impaired the chance to read books. This is what the Eye Ring hopes to change.

The Eye Ring is a braille scanner that fits on like any other ring, but can be worn on the tip of the finger when the wearer wants to read ordinary text. The Eye Ring comes equipped with a scanner at the top of the ring that can be scanned over the text. On the other side, a Braille point pops up according to the words that the scanner picks up and converts them into Braille dots, essentially providing a translation in real time. The ring can be turned on by rotating a dial on the outer edge of the scanner, and has a Bluetooth function that can be connected to a headset, which converts the scanned words into a voice.