This Kickstarter Gadget Detects Stress with Game Apps

 - Jun 20, 2013
References: kickstarter & treehugger
Pip is a cleverly designed Kickstarter project that detects stress levels through touch and helps reduce stress using game apps. The hustle of day-to-day life is enough to stress anyone out. Between paying bills, excelling at work and maintaining a social life, stress can get out of control. This handheld wireless device picks up on how stressed you are through contact with your thumb.

When feeling stressed, one would pinch Pip (Personal Input Pod) between their thumb and forefinger and use it to play certain games on their laptop or phone. How you play these games also helps to determine how stressed you are. For example, if you play a racing game but end up steering so frantically that you can't stay on the track, you're probably pretty stressed.

The idea behind this smart device is that performing a calming action helps people to relax and combining that action with game apps makes it more fun for users.