Jan Esmann Depicts Subjects with Odd and Alluring Expressions

 - Nov 21, 2011
References: janesmann & sweet-station
I'm no stranger to photorealistic art, so the fact that Jan Esmann is able to render amazingly lifelike images of human subjects isn't what astounds me. What drew me towards the Danish artist's work is the peculiar expressions on the faces of each one of her canvases.

Surely, if Jan Esmann wanted to paint a person at his or her best, she would be able to do so with ease, but there must be a reason as to why she chooses to illustrate visages with this perplexing look.

Are the people about to sneeze? Are they experiencing pleasure? Are they pained? Are they sneezing? Or are they all caught in the middle of an unflattering picture by a high-powered SLR? These are things that run through viewers' minds while looking at Esmann's work and there's no denying her ability to engage her audience.