Ken Lee Captures Likeness as Accurately as a Camera

 - Apr 30, 2012
References: klsadako.deviantart & cuded
Photorealistic rendering requires top notch illustration skills and Ken Lee has that in spades. Using nothing more than a pencil, the UK-based artist draws alluring Asian women as true to life as a photograph. His muses range from actresses like Chiaki Kuriyama to singers like Ayumi Hamasaki. His ability to mimic these well-known faces using only his hands and a drawing utensil is simply awe-inspiring.

What’s especially noteworthy about Ken Lee is his attention to detail. Often times, other photoreal illustrators will unknowingly break the illusion of their work by neglecting minute, yet crucial details, such as the glimmer in a person’s eyes or the reflective surface of someone’s lips. These errors are easily sidestepped by Lee, making him not only gifted in terms of technical skill, but also a very knowledgeable artist.