Alice Newberry is Unparalleled at Painting Hyperrealistic Portraits

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: alicenewberry & dopeart.tumblr
Hyperrealistic portraiture is among some of the hardest, most technical art to make and Alice Newberry is so adept at it that I can't help but sit back from my computer screen and utter "whoa" while staring at her work.

Newberry's attention to detail, as exemplified in these meticulous awe-inspiring digital paintings, is second to none. Where most artists would be satisfied after accurately rendering a person's facial features, Newberry pushes herself even further by adding textures such as wrinkles, goosebumps and freckles to her subjects' faces. It literally leaves viewers in confusion as they try to discern whether or not her creations are indeed paintings or actually photographs.

Some of the beautiful and recognizable faces you're currently enjoying in this Alice Newberry gallery include Megan Fox, Hugh Laurie of House fame, Deborah Ann Woll from True Blood, Robert Downey Jr. and Lucille Ball.