Noir G de Guierlain Presents Exceptional Eye-Enhancing Replacers

 - Jan 15, 2012
References: sephora & inventorspot
A carefree mascara that looks elegant and will surely turn heads when a woman of equal caliber pulls it out is what the Noir G De Guerlain Exceptional Complete Mascara offers for today's luxurious women. And what's more, the mascara container is refillable.

The House of Guerlain is based in Paris and has a longstanding history of respect towards perfumes. Taking a step towards cosmetics, the company has allowed the entire industry to take an even larger, revolutionary step towards consumer-care with the first refillable mascara.

The mascara itself will have eyes speaking of beauty before complimented by any avid suitor. The formula works to volumize and curl lashes to create a heart-skipping flash of pretty with every blink. What's more, the Noir G works to add life to the users lashes making it a healthy choice. If any man is lucky enough to get closer to the eyes, they will be welcomed with scents resembling jasmine, white musk, rose or peach. And of course, no deviance will be made from the owners fine strokes, leaving eyes looking professionally cared for.

As an intense fan of heart-wrenching eyes, I would love to see the Noir G De Guerlain Exceptional Complete Mascara put to great use.

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