- Dec 14, 2011
Lolita is a well-known character from literature, who captured pop culture by storm, and inspired Lolita styles across the globe.

Lolita is often used to inspire childlike naughtiness and there are numerous shoots that have 'Lolita-esque' themes. Well-renowned magazines like Elle have used this theme many times. The Elle editorial titled 'Little Miss Precious' explored the sensuality of a young woman, taking inspiration from Lolita's character.

Young, innocent, sensual and maturity blend together to create the perfect Lolita, who always succeeds in attracting the masses. This theme has been used time and again, in both editorials and art. These lovely Lolita styles demonstrate her presence on and impact on fashion, and integration into a memorable icon.

From Promiscuous Childtography to Goth Anime Fashion: