The 'Kilian Martin: Altered Route' Short Explores Barren Lands

The 'Kilian Martin: Altered Route' film is eerily beautiful.

Sponsored by Mercedes Benz, the film was directed by filmmaker Brett Novak. The conceptual video follows Spanish professional skateboarder Kilian Martin as he glides through an abandoned water park. The park was once considered a popular oasis that lay in the midst of the Mojave Desert. Now unhinged, the park provides an incredibly cinematic environment for Martin to skate through.

Novak haunts the screen with images of the parks former glory, and then juxtaposes this with Martin’s freestyling. His moves are influenced by his gymnastics training, keeping them both fluid and innovative as he rides through the shot. Finally, the entire video is complemented by the soundtrack of Patrick Watson’s 'Adventures in Your Own Backyard,' which helps to narrate the film beautifully.