The Dormer House by Ben Wolf is a Collage of Decaying Structures

 - Mar 1, 2011
References: ben-wolf & tbpdesign.blogspot
Ben Wolf is a Nashville-born creative that has created a rather remarkable piece of artwork. His most recent piece, Dormer House, is an incredible constructed collage of derelict buildings from around Detroit.

What's completely mesmerizing about Ben Wolf's Dormer House is that it is a mash up of multiple structures that each represent an aging and character-filled building. Ben Wolf collected the pieces from houses on a demolition list, and with the help of friends and a power generator, he broke off pieces to mount onto his sculpture.

This Ben Wolf masterpiece is an architectural collage that unites homes from yesteryear. It pays homage to the old and forgotten shelters that scatter the city, giving decaying buildings a new life to be admired. This Ben Wolf creation has an appearance as if it is something off the lot of a movie set.