Empty L.A. Photgraphs Capture the Isolation of City Life

 - Jan 26, 2010
References: mlogue & loudreams
It is an odd thing feeling deserted in a bustling city, but every once in a while you’ll come across what seems like a completely abandoned area of the metropolis, even if it was busier earlier that day, devoid of any pedestrians or motor traffic. The feeling obtained from that is always odd, but also very interesting and that’s exactly what artist Matt Logue was going for in his ‘Empty LA’ photographs.

The ‘Empty LA’ photographs display a certain element of isolation rarely seen in large urban centers but experienced by all who live in them at one time or another.

In order to create the feeling emptiness in the ‘Empty LA’ photographs, Logue would photograph famous parts of L.A. during low-traffic periods such as holidays or early morning and take thousands of frames a minute.