The Iconic Doll Has Taken on a New Persona

 - Mar 15, 2013
If your childhood was anything like mine, you spent your time "playing with Barbie" cutting her hair into ridiculous styles, using your Crayola crayons to give her gaudy makeovers and cutting up your socks to make your own "designer clothing" for the beloved doll -- sorry, Barbie. Thus, it's no surprise that in 2013, graphic designers, photographers and fashionistas continue to remix the doll into their own version of bad Barbie.

This has resulted in everything from adults-only Barbie photography, to tacky-chic clothing lines inspired by Barbie's extremely tight, mostly pink wardrobe. Some have even gone so far as to create their own parody piece of Barbie, mocking her unrealistic body type and overly perky attitude.