Peihang Huang Paints Pictures of Brutally Injured Toy Figurines

 - Feb 11, 2012
References: huangpeihang & inkwings.tumblr
If Barbies looked the way they do in these Peihang Huang paintings, girls everywhere would abandon the classic doll. That’s because these impressively rendered illustrations depict the toy in various states of mutilation with realistically painted human organs. It’s enough to make those with weak stomachs want to throw up. Peihang Huang’s crafted a huge gallery of these images and she’s also given the same treatment to Hello Kitty and Doraemon, two other beloved children’s playthings.

Each Peihang Huang painting features her signature chaotic style that leaves portions of her illustrations unrefined. Don’t let that fool you into thinking her images aren’t technical, however, as Huang’s images border on photorealistic when viewed from a distance.

The peculiar painted series is entitled ‘Fleshy Fairytale,’ which is appropriate as Huang’s given her plastic and plush subjects flesh and blood.