The Dina Goldstein ‘In The Dollhouse’ Series Sees More Than Me

Poor Barbie, her perfect pink dream house is not all that is cracked up to be, according to the Dina Goldstein ‘In The Dollhouse’ series. The Vancouver-based photographer Dina Goldstein often uses controversial images in order to break conventional female stereotypes and expectations. In this series, the viewer is allowed a voyeurisitic look into Barbie and Ken’s life together.

Opening the dream house up, the viewer realizes the facade of their loveless marriage. Starting off with cheeky images, we realize Barbie and Ken have a bit too much in common. As the marriage falls apart, the images take a turn for the worst. Each one filled with more sadness til Barbie’s complete breakdown and demise.

Each of Goldstein’s captures challenge what is to be expected from Barbie and Ken confronting our expectations.