The Rachel Niffenegger 'Heads on Poles' Series is Dark

Artist Rachel Niffenegger recently created a series of sculptures titled 'Heads on Poles.' Her use of materials as disparate as polystyrene, spraypaint, sawdust, ash, hair, and plaster demonstrate the artist's resourcefulness and creativity.

Her works convey a tangible sense of decay. Indeed, many of the pieces look like something you might find on the side of the road; they certainly are not pretty. Of course, art does not need to be pretty. Many would agree that as long as a work is able to convey some expression of its author and produce an effect within its viewer, it is legitimate. If that is the case, Rachel Niffenegger is definitely an artist.

The dour, seemingly rotting textures she overlays on twisted, ruined shapes betray the fact that her works were never alive to begin with.