John Dilnot Explores Mortality's Beginning and End Through Apples

 - Oct 6, 2011
References: johndilnot & foodista
Artist John Dilnot explores his fascination with fading beauty and immortality in his latest installation simply titled Bad Apples. The simple set up is comprised of a shadowboxes accented with meticulous recreations of rotting apples in various stages of decay. Using the decomposition process of several varieties of the mythical fruit as inspiration, the resulting sculptures are incredibly life like, and somewhat off putting.

With catchy names like Wellington, Greensleeves and, the always predictable, Eden, these fruits seem to take on a personality of sorts. They beckon the audience to confront their own mortality and withering skin. John Dilnot takes an unflinching look at the impermanence of beauty and the fleeting nature of youth --a fine example of excellent craftsmanship with stomach-turning results. John Dilnot has created an interesting glimpse into the trying rigors and effects of Old Man Time's incredibly affecting results.