- Jul 13, 2013
These whimsical pieces of architecture are some creative examples of how designers are choosing to infuse magical and fantasy-like features into their overall structures.

With so many buildings constantly being built in big cities, the need to design a structure that will visually stand out from the rest is becoming increasingly more important. That's why these whimsical architectural designs are some creative examples of how infusing child-like themes and ethereal references serves to create a visually compelling structure. From buildings shaped like childhood fantasy castles to structures that incorporate vibrant geometric shapes, these whimsical pieces of architecture will certainly make an impression with their offbeat and fantasy-inspired references.

A great way to differentiate itself from the more ordinary and plain buildings, these whimsical architectural designs will certainly catch the gaze of anyone who walks by.

From Whimsical Eco-Home Concepts to Luminous Geometric Salons: