Laura Bacon Creates Monumental Artworks by Weaving Branches Together

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: lauraellenbacon
Laura Bacon creates these large scale sculptures using the same techniques used by birds and insects in nature when they are making their nests. Through weaving, twisting and patching, she is able to construct these extraordinary whimsical initiations.

Working from the inside out of each sculpture, Laura Bacon only uses materials readily available from the earth. This means each remarkable creations is completely biodegradable. The thought of these intricate masterpieces slowly decomposing overtime is bitter sweet.

Hanging from high from tree tops, winding up and around trunks or climbing up the side of buildings, these amazing sculptures evoke feelings of whimsical lands and dreamlike atmospheres. Laura Bacon is creating strikingly organic installations and turning commonplace materials into astonishing works of art.

I can only imagine the intrigued reaction I would have if I stumbled upon one of these human made nests while walking in the woods!