Edward James's Bizarre ‘Las Pozas' Secret Garden

 - Apr 14, 2009
References: eyeconart.net
Edward James was an extremely wealthy upper class English man and had the world’s largest collection of Surrealist art. His dream was to build his own surrealist fantasy in the rainforests of central Mexico. This is how Las Pozas ("the pools") came to life. It’s a labyrinth, with no signs indicating which way to go. Architecture and sculptures are full of fantasy, connected by meandering stone paths, integrated with its natural surroundings. Most of the buildings are left unfinished and by now covered with moss and greenery.

"Edward James took Las Pozas from the forest, and now the forest is taking it back," James once said in the interview that "one should never finish the building of one’s house" it should always be in the process of creation.

It’s a hidden treasure of surrealistic visions; a truly unique place, just like a secret garden.