From Upside Down Architecture to Shipwreck-Inspired Buildings

 - Aug 27, 2013
With new buildings constantly emerging within dense city centers, architects are constantly aiming to create structures that are unique and inventive, and these bizarre architectural designs are some fantastic examples of how designers have utilized outside-the-box shapes and references.

Having a structure stand out amongst the plethora of other buildings is becoming an increasingly more difficult task, especially within this modern and creative design era. But these bizarre architectural designs have managed to incorporate a variety of odd and eclectic shapes and features that onlookers will surely be mesmerized by. From surreal upside down architectural buildings to spherical coral concert halls, these bizarre and eccentric designs are taking ordinary structures to a whole other level.

Going outside the norm and incorporating features that people wouldn't normally associate with buildings, these bizarre architectural designs will definitely make an impact with its original and eye-catching features.