'Found Space' Sculptural Ceramics Give Bizarre 3D Element to Walls

 - Jan 23, 2009
References: & thetrendygirl.net
These gorgeous pieces of designer ceramic tiles are from the ‘Found Space Tiles’ series by Stephanie Davidson architects and Georg Rafailidis’ Touchy-Feely. They are described as ‘wall surface elements defined by the body’ on the Touchy-Feely website.

I really like the look of these white sloppy tiles, although the first thought that hit me was that awful scene in 'Terminator 2' where the evil cop hybrid emerges from the floorboards of the mental hospital. Spooky.

Rafailidis Davidson of Touchy-Feely designs tries to investigate how our architectural environment can produce more interesting sensory experiences or conversations. Their designs are marked by an experimental approach to materials and a thirst for provoking curiosity and interaction.

I know I would look twice if someone had these tiles on the bathroom walls. And that is a very good thing.