- Oct 10, 2012
You don't have to be a Russian puzzle game developer to see that interlocking block designs like Tetris furniture have the potential to save some serious space around the house. A set of square and rectangular boxes can be easily arranged in a pattern that blends harmoniously with almost any decor.

Tetris concepts come in handy for pretty much any room where space is limited. If you've got a lot of books in your study that need stacking, set up a Tetris bookcase. If you're running out of counter space in the kitchen, get a set of cube-shaped appliances that all fit neatly together. You can even get stackable seating so you only ever have to take out as many chairs as needed.

Video games like Tetris were originally designed for kids. Isn't it great that there's furniture made to look like building blocks for kids to play with and get inspired to think creatively? Then, after they're done building, they can have a nice rest on their own created structure.

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