The Atlas Series by The Fundamental Group Makes Tactile Geometry

Composed of wooden cubic building blocks, the Atlas Series by The Fundamental Group revolutionizes furniture building materials.

The geometric look of this table is made by using conventional wood glue to create these strikingly unconventional and eco-friendly furnishings. This home decor goes beyond traditional coffee tables as it incorporates a tactile aspect with its geometric shapes. The aesthetic is almost mathematically inspired as it uses 3D shapes.

The designers behind the Fundamental Group, Gunnar Rönsch and Stephen Mollo, draw inspiration from repetition and forms that resemble shapes of a geographic nature. This look is not easily achieved and requires a laborious building process that is not unlike old timed craftsmanship. With this dedication to quality, and design that is highly forward-thinking, the tlas Series by The Fundamental Group is a fantastic addition to a modernist home decor.